VegFest London 2016 – Just Wow!


vegfest16 4We were lucky enough to bag a stall at VegFest London, one of four vegan festivals organised by Tim Barford that take place around the country. This was our third time at the show, and we must say it was the best yet. There was such a positive, uplifting vibe about the place, and our ice cream went down a treat with the vegan and veggie community! An amazing 13,500 people streamed through the doors over the 2 days, and we must have handed out samples of our delicious ice cream to most of them!

Events like this are brilliant in that they provide an opportunity for like-minded people, companies and products to come together and show the world just how much variety and deliciousness there is to be found in vegan food. They also help explode popular stereotypes about vegans, because while of course there were the usual alternative types one would expect to see, the vast majority of the people attending looked no different to the people you would see at any event. Yet another sign that plant-based diets are going mainstream…..? If anything, we were struck by how young, healthy and beautiful everyone looked!!

vegfest 16 2vegfest 16 3

It was wonderful to see more people recognising our brand, and they love that it is a delicious alternative to the ubiquitous coconut and nut-based offerings out there. Because unlike dairy, vegan ice creams can be made from a whole range of plant milks, each with its own unique flavour, benefits and consistency. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

We were so busy on our stand and literally didn’t stop all weekend! We met lots wonderful people, almost lost our voices through chatting, and despite taking along far more tubs than we thought we’d need, we had completely sold out before Day 2 was over!

Big thanks to the organisers for putting on such a great show, and big love to everyone who stopped by our stand. Your kind comments and appreciation meant the world to us, and honestly are the very things that keep us going!

Peace, love and [dairy-free] ice cream,

Andrew & Morn

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